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Pioneering Cannabis Cartridges, Uniting Nature for a Pure Vape Experience

Explore the new era of vaping with United Cannabis. Our hydrocarbon-free THC cannabis cartridges seamlessly blend the power of nature to provide a clean and natural vape experience, setting new standards in the industry.

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United Cannabis has the Cleanest, Smoothest CO2 Carts

We stand at the forefront, providing the cleanest and smoothest CO2 cartridges available. Our commitment to purity ensures an unparalleled vaping experience, free from additives, and unmatched in quality.

No Cuts.

No Additives.

No BS.

United Cannabis Vape Pen in front of cannabis plants.

Unaltered Natural Terpenes, Purely United Cartridge Collection

Unearth natural carbon dioxide-derived THC cartridges. Each cartridge embodies our commitment to quality, delivering a smooth and genuine vaping sensation that sets us apart.

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Golden Goat


Maui Wowie


Orange Creamsicle


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Find Montana’s Finest CO2 Cartridges Near You

Locate our premium CO2 cartridges effortlessly with our store locator. Discover a nearby dispensary that offers the peak of vaping with Montana's finest CO2 cartridges, and join the cannabis revolution today.

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